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Paul McCartney 2013 - 2014 Tour Dates

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*If no event dates are listed above, then Paul McCartney is presently not on tour.

Paul McCartney concerts

paul mccartney tourPaul McCartney Lays Out 2013 World Concert Tour Dates, Fans Ecstatic :
Paul McCartney has done it again. Another tour announced by the ex-Beatle and most of the tour sold out as soon as it went onsale. The 2013 Paul McCartney tour dates span the entire globe and also makes a ton of concert stops in North America. Seeing any of the concerts that the Paul McCartney tour puts on is an amazing experience. Not only does he sing a ton of Beatles songs, but he sings many from Wings and new songs also. Presently in the U.S. there are only a handful of concerts left to see, but we hope that Paul adds more tour dates. McCartney still has a few Canadian shows left also in his schedule. We want more Paul McCartney so we hope he adds a ton more tour dates to his present tour and even more for 2014. Who can ever get enough of the greatest Beatle of them all? We can’t.

One thing with Paul McCartney, whether it’s just in general life or in music, he never forgot his roots or where he came from. Nowadays you see a lot of the ‘classic’ bands tour and in their concerts, they play their music but usually with some new twist to keep people interested; but for someone like me, that ruins the music. I want to hear the songs the way they were originally written and what made them popular in the first place. When you see Paul McCartney on tour and in concert, you know you will hear Beatles songs the way they were written and the way they where originally recorded. Thanks for that Mr McCartney!

7/12 at Nationals Park in Washington DC
7/14 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis IN
7/16 at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI
7/19 at Safeco Field in Seattle WA
7/23 at Plains Of Abraham in Quebec Canada
8/9 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA
8/12 at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg Canada
8/14 at Mosaic Stadium At Taylor Field in Regina Canada

Keep checking back for updated Paul McCartney tour schedule, concerts and 2013 tour dates.
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Paul McCartney tour

Paul McCartney tour datesPaul McCartney Continues To Roll On, on Tour Throughout 2013 :
Did you know that a handful of years ago when Paul McCartney had Israel as part of his tour, he received threats by multiple anti-Israel groups. He told fans through a press release that he did receive such death threats yet ‘Im Coming Anyway’ where his exact words. These ‘hate’ groups have been successful in the past to divert entertainers from playing concerts, shows or any tour dates at all. Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana, Jon Bon Jovi and more. While many have ignored the threats and have played such as Madonna, Alicia Keys, Deep Purple, Pet Shop Boys and Rihanna will be there later this year. Paul just blew off the threats and played like he always does.

This tour however does not have Israel on schedule (not as of right now) and we are waiting for the announcement of the next leg of Paul McCartney tour dates, which will be soon hopefully.

All Paul McCartney tour dates, are listed above...

Don’t miss any of the Paul McCartney concerts or Paul McCartney tour dates that play near you and fit your schedule. More tour dates to be added to the tour schedule as it unfolds. Watch for added Paul McCartney concerts.

Paul McCartney BiographyPaul McCartney Biography
Musician’s Name: Paul McCartney
Born: June 18, 1942
Place: Liverpool England UK

Paul McCartney was born into a family in England which had some slight background in music, although his parents main jobs had nothing to do with music. His mom was a mid-wife who would travel all over at all times to help deliver babies. His father was in the Liverpool Cotton Exchange. When he was about 14 years old, his mother (who he had been ver close with) died from breast cancer. He had an older brother, Michael, who was also musically active. His dad also was the leader of the Jim Mac’s Jazz Band which became a large influence on his musical career. A big part of Paul’s memories when he was young was when the whole family would sit around the piano and his dad would play sing alongs for them all. Many of these life events later went on to be backdrops of songs that McCartney went on to write.

Life went on for Paul and in July of 1957 something happened that would change young Mr McCartney forever. He was at Woolton Village Fete and met another young man and his band the Quarrymen. This ‘young man’ that he met was none other than John Lennon. full Paul McCartney biography

Paul McCartney tour dates

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